Startup Delayer

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Your system will start faster than ever


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Switching on your computer and waiting for it to be totally started is probably one of the most annoying moments for a computer user.

Now you have the possibility to speed up this process thanks to Start Delayer., an application which is thought for helping users who own a PC which runs slower and slower at startup.

With Startup Delayer we will be able to configure the processes which are run at startup, and it will make a timetable for them so they will be started a few seconds after the system is started and one by one, so your system will run faster.

It´s housed in an easy to use interface, and it will let us to configure a lot of settings which will make our PC run faster at startup, so we will not have to wait for such a long time when the system is started.

No matter if we are novice or expert because it suits to our needs.
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